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      Diesel fumes VFA SolutionsResearch from the Dutch Gezondheidsraad shows employees who have worked for years in diesel fumes, will demise more often than previously assumed. This group consist of about 600.000 people, including construction workers, staff working in garages, transhipment ports, trucks, ferries and garbage trucks. The draft report of the Gezondheidsraad is owned by the NOS.

      The research shows that instead of one in a hundred workers, seven workers in a hundred workers die due to working for years in high concentrations of diesel fumes. High diesel fume concentrations cause diseases such as lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases and pulmonary disorders such as asthma and COPD.

      It is expected that the national limit of elemental carbon (EC), the culprit in the diesel fumes, is reduced from 50 micrograms EC to 10 micrograms EC per cubic meter. This would make the Netherlands a precursor to such a strict standard.

      In order to achieve the limit of 10 micrograms EC, old diesel engines will need to be replaced by new diesel engines or electric vehicles, particulate filters need to be installed or the company will need to implement extraction installations.

      Contact us when you are looking for a filtration system for diesel fumes. VFA Solutions can offer you various solutions to reduce the levels of diesel fumes in your company and create a healthy workplace for you and your employees.



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