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      ISIAQ houtrook symposiumISIAQ.nl (International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate) is organising a Scientific Update on Thursday June 30th, 2016. This afternoon is devoted to research into wood smoke from stoves and fireplaces. During the Scientific Update, Dutch studies in the field of wood smoke and the effects of wood smoke on the indoor environment and health will be highlighted. Additionally, attention will be paid towards examining solutions to reduce the nuisance from wood smoke. This afternoon is made possible by the Center for Sustainability, Environment and Health of the RIVM. The symposium will be in Dutch.

      During the symposium, Vincent Vons (head R&D of VFA Solutions) will give a presentation on how electrostatic filtration can be used to counter the wood smoke nuisance and hereby improve the indoor air quality. Do you want to ask questions on the efficiency of the VFA Solutions air purifiers in combination with wood smoke? Please contact us during the break and we will personally answer you. Next to Vincent Vons, the RIVM, TNO and the GGD Groningen will give other important presentations.

      Do you want to know all about the composition of wood smoke, the health risks and how wood smoke can be removed from the air? Apply per mail for the symposium before June 17th (subject: symposium houtrook) via secr@isiaq.nl and mention your name and company name. Access to this symposium is free; however, if you do not show without deregistering, ISIAQ.nl will bill you €50,-.

      Date: June 30th 2016
      Location: RIVM, Antoni van Leeuwenhoeklaan 9, Bilthoven, Netherlands

      Program (not fixed yet)

      • 14.00-14.10
        Ontvangst – Lisje Schellen, ISIAQ.nl
      • 14.10-14.25
        Samenstelling en toxicologie van houtrook
        – Miriam Gerlofs, RIVM
      • 14.25-14.40
        Binnenmilieu en gezondheid van houtstokers – Rik Bogers, RIVM
      • 14.40-14.55
        Fijnstof bronnen in en rondom woningen – Piet Jacobs, TNO
      • 14.55-15.15
        Fijnstof metingen bij woningen met klachten over houtrook – Frans Duijm, GGD Groningen
      • 15.15-15.40
      • 15.40-15.55
        Emissieregistratie houtkachels – Rianne Dröge, TNO
      • 15.55-16.10
        Elektrostatische filtering – Vincent Vons, VFA Solutions
      • 16.10-16.25
        Oplossingen: stookgedrag, stookscan en houtrookfilter – Michiel Franssens, Ecolink Solutions
      • 16.25-16.30
        Toelichting platform houtrook – Miriam Gerlofs, RIVM
      • 16.30-17.15
        Paneldiscussie – Lisje Schellen, ISIAQ.nl
      • 17.15-18.30


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