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      Worldwide, air quality is a reason for concern. More than 90% of the world population is breathing in air of which the quality is below the standard of the World Health Organisation (WHO). Air contains small airborne particles, the so-called particulate matter. The particulate matter concentration differs per location. The WHO states that above the WHO norm for particulate matter, health risks increase. This varies from strokes, cardiovascular diseases, lung cancer to even premature death. What is striking, is that the air is not only above the WHO norm in development countries, but also in for example Europe. 92% Of the world population breaths in air that contains too many small particles (particulate matter).

      WHO Global air pollution - VFA SolutionsThe WHO has performed air quality measurements worldwide, distributed over 3000 locations (measurements in both urban and green areas). Results are translated into an air quality world map. The map shows where the air quality is above the WHO norm and the particulate matter exposure per inhabitant.

      Every year 3 milion people die prematurely from outdoor air pollution

      The VN-organisation indicated each year 3 milion people die prematurely from the effects of outdoor air pollution. When indoor air quality is included, this number rises to 6.5 milion people.

      Two out of three deaths occur in South East Asia and the western countries around the Pacific Ocean. However, it appears the norm is frequently exceeded worldwide, even in Europe and America. Therefore, it is important to improve the air quality worldwide.

      Improving air quality

      It is necessary to create stricter air quality regulations worldwide and to implement measures. The WHO suggest several measures such as creating sustainable city transportation, clean fueal use in all households, proper waste disposal and the use of environmental friendly energy.

      All these measures need time to be implemented. But what can you do right now if you want to improve your indoor air quality? By using air purifiers indoors, you can directly improve your indoor air quality and limit your particulate matter exposure.

      VFA Solutions offers a range of air purifiers, which, depending on your needs and building structure, can be implemented in ventilation systems or as a stand-alone unit in the room.  Depending on the air purifier, the air purifiers of VFA Solutions remove 97-99% of the particulate matter from the air. Hereby, you can reduce your particulate matter exposure to below the WHO norm and breathe in healthy and purified air. Take a look at our air purifiers for the possibilities or contact us for a personal advice.


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