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      Fan used for creating air flow

      Benefits of the vFAN

      • Capacity of 2.300 m3/h
      • 1 Speed
      • Low energy consumption and therefore cost efficient
      • Easy installation
      • Suitable for various situations

      Note, the vFAN does NOT possess any purification functionalities!

      Product description

      The vFAN is an external ventilator with a capacity of 2.300 m3. It can be used in various situations. It is possible to implement the vFAN in order to:

      • Create a [higher] air flow in a room
        Useful if the natural air flow is not high enough or specific places in a room are left untouched by the natural air flow.
      • Create overpressure or negative pressure in a room
        Especially useful when you want to prevent polluted air entering a room or polluted air leaving a room.
      • Ventilation between indoor and outdoor air
        When there is no ventilation present between outdoor and indoor air, you can implement the vFAN in your room or building.
      • Enlarge the air flow in your current ventilation system
        The vFAN can be used to enlarge the air flow in your current ventilation system to make sure fresh air will distribute throughout your building.

      The vFAN can be installed in an open room, as a connection between indoor and outdoor air in a wall or can be installed in a ventilation duct. The vFAN has only 1 ventilation speed. Take a look at the vFAN Control if you are looking for a ventilator with multiple ventilation speeds.


      • Production facilities
      • Workshops
      • Raw material processing
      • Construction companies
      • Food processing
      • Laboratories
      • Smoke cabinets
      • Large print shops
      • Airports
      • Metro and train stations
      • And more