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      Our mission is to create clean air everywhere and for everyone. With those thoughts, Mitsubishi Elevator Europe contacted us immediately after the coronavirus outbreak. We have developed ASPRA air purification for elevators exclusively for Mitsubishi: the M-Care ASPRA. The M-Care ASPRA can be mounted quickly and easily onto the ventilation system in elevators. Both in existing and new elevators.

      By joining forces, we help society by providing clean air to small spaces such as the elevator” CEO Eliane Khoury

      The M-Care ASPRA kills and traps viruses and other air pollution, such as harmful fine particles, in the air purifier itself. The air purifier lowers the aerosol concentration in the elevator and reduces the risk of contamination. The open-structure filter (collector) achieves up to 80% less pressure drop (air resistance) compared to other dense textile filters. This ensures a continuous air supply and the ionization prevents microbiological growth on the filters.

      Why is ASPRA air purification important in an elevator?

      Coughing, laughing or talking will spread drops of moisture into the air. Those drops can contain viruses and germs, such as the corona virus. Research shows that these airborne particles can linger in an elevator for up to 30 minutes. Ventilation is therefore crucial, but current ventilation is often not sufficient. That is why the air must be actively cleaned. A lift is a transport node, which many people use and where the risk of contamination is potentially higher. This is therefore the ideal place to apply air cleaning.

      Would you like to know how you can apply M-Care ASPRA air cleaning in your elevators?

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