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      Based on EU data on air quality there can be determined that often very high concentrations of fine particles and ultrafine particles are to be found in Dutch outside air. Particularly nearby city centers, roads and industrial sites.In outdoor areas containing high concentrations of (ultra)fine particles, relevant health gains can be obtained by protecting the indoor environment against these harmful air borne pollutants.
      The particles get in indoor air through ventilation systems, doors, windows, cracks etc., and concentrate more easily in indoor air than in outdoor air. Besides, one risks longer exposure to these particles when inside.As a result of the above situation, VFA developed the ASPRA INduct. With the ASPRA INduct it is possible to filter inlet air before it is spread throughout the building. It does this very effectively and energy efficiently.During a pilot project in cooperation with TNO, VFA equipped a ventilation system with an ASPRA INduct. Goal of this construction was to monitor the effectiveness in capturing traffic related air pollution (in outdoor air) before it gets into indoor air. Measurements showed 80% reduction of nano-particles (most harmful to health) compared to the reference point. The application was also considerably more energy efficient than conventional textile/paper filters which are substantially less effective in capturing ultrafine particles.

      Additionally, ASPRA Recirculation was installed in order to capture indoor air pollution originating from the children, personnel and user/building materials. The personnel perceived the air as cleaner and more comfortable after installation of the ASPRA Stand-Alone.

      The pilot was conducted in cooperation with TNO. The results will be presented in a scientific report and will be discussed during a symposium on air quality.

      View the report of our test in cooperaiton with TNO regarding the effect of our air purifiers on the particulate matter concentration in a daycare centre in Delft.

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