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      ultrafijnstof-schipholTNO and researchers of the Utrecht University have found the emissions of airplanes taking off at Schiphol damages the health of ten thousand residents of Amsterdam. TNO has performed several measurements from March to May at the Schiphol Kaagbaan where many planes take off. Results show the amounts of ultrafine particulate matter below winds are two to three times as high compared to the standard level in the suburbs of Amstelveen and Amsterdam. Source

      Why is ultrafine particulate matter harmful?
      This is important data, because particulate matter and specifically ultrafine particulate matter is harmful for your health. Due to its size, it penetrates deep into your lungs and into your vascular system, causing asthma, respiratory irritations, decreased lung function and even cancer. Milieudefensie goes as far as mentioning ultrafine particulate matter will reduce the average life expectancy in the Schiphol area with four months to over a year. They compare the situation around Schiphol with living close to a highway.

      Protection against ultrafine particulate matter
      It is very hard to protect yourself against ultrafine particulate matter when being outside. However, you can protect yourself against ultrafine particulate matter indoors. The air inside a building consists partially from outdoor air. Air from outside is transported indoors by means of ventilation (through a ventilation system or by opening a window or a door), resulting in roughly the same ultrafine particulate matter concentration indoors as outdoors. VFA Solution air purifiers purify 95-99% of indoor air and/or outdoor air transported indoors, providing you with clean and healthy air. By implementing our products in your house/building you protect yourself against ultrafine particulate matter.

      Do I need to purify my indoor air?
      VFA Solutions is an expert on indoor air quality (IAQ). If you are in doubt if you need air purification, we can perform air quality measurements in your rooms/building to identify the current air quality situation. During these air quality measurements, we measure the concentration and levels of particulate matter, ultrafine particulate matter, gases and emissions and much more. We will also look at how your building influences the indoor air quality. The results will be combined in a report, providing you with an overview of your current indoor air quality situation and if it is necessary to implement an air purifier.

      If it is recommended to implement an air purifier and you purchase a VFA Solutions air purifier, we will provide you a discount on your purchase amount.

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