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      firework-smokeAll activities around New Year’s Eve emit high particulate matter concentrations in the air. This particulate matter originates from, among other things, firework and wood smoke. High particulate matter concentrations cause, after inhalation, irritations in the respiratory tract. Depending on the conditions of the lungs, one may yet be affected.

      Not only are the particulate matter concentrations during New Year’s Eve high in the outdoor air, also indoor air contains high particulate matter concentrations around this time. This is due to the fact homes and buildings are not air tight and are being ventilated by a ventilation system that draws outdoor air in with minimal filtration, or by opening windows and doors. Simply avoiding high particulate matter concentrations by staying indoors is hence not sufficient, because the particulate matter will find its way in.

      Luckily, there are a few options to prevent high particulate matter concentrations in your indoor air.

      Tips & tricks during New Year’s Eve

      • Use air purification
        Mechanical ventilation present (HVAC system):
        Install an ASPRA INduct air purifier behind your ventilation (air intake) system. Unlike conventional and standard poor HVAC filters, the ASPRA INduct air purifiers will guarantee clean air by capturing dust, fine particulate matter and ultrafine particles that are present in large amounts during New Year’s Eve. Odour nuiscance due to wood smoke will also be reduced or even prevented.No Mechanical ventilation present:
        Place an ASPRA Recirculation air purifier in the room. The ASPRA Recirculation air purifier will not only remove course dust from the air, but is also highly efficient in the removal of particulate matter and ultrafine particles. Installation is quick and easy, just Plug & Play.
      • Avoid natural ventilation
        During New Year’s Eve, as soon as fireworks around you start, keep windows, doors and ventilation rosters and grids closed, mainly those on the side of the fireworks.
      • Turn off your balanced / air intake ventilation system
        Unless you have a HEPA or an ASPRA INduct air purifier installed in your ventilation system, switch off your balanced ventilation system in the morning of New Year’s Eve, and turn it back on when firework is no longer lit.
      • Use your kitchen exhaust during cooking
        Make sure to turn on your kitchen exhaust during cooking, to prevent odour nuisance and high particulate matter concentrations (originating from cooking activities).


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