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      The unique features of the ASPRA PMC have drawn the attention of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). Starting Januari 1st 2017, the ASPRA PMC air purifier will be listed on the MIA\VAMIL / Milieulijst 2017, H4 , code A4480. The MIA\VAMIL regulation lists environmental friendly and sustainable technologies. The Dutch government wants to stimulate these technologies, providing the end user huge tax advantages.

      The ASPRA PMC air purifier is ideal for industrial and commercial applications and removes high concentrations of dust from large volumes of air in your ventilation ducts. The air purifier is not only capable of removing extremely large quantities of dust from the air, it does so with an efficiency of 99%. Even for PM1 and ultrafine particles!

      Dust emission reduction

      Several models of the ASPRA PMC are available. As a recirculation air cleaner the air in the room is directly purified and recirculated. Installed as a filtration system in the exhaust ducts, the ASPRA PMC offers an optimal degree of protection against dust emission for the environment, for which the MIA/VAMIL regulation is applicable (Milieulijst 2017, H4, code A 4480). The ASPRA PMC is suitable for central air extraction, but also for local point extraction close to the source of pollution. With a flow rate of 11.000 m3/hour, the air purifier is the perfect solution for large flow rates. Thanks to the optimal air purification of the ASPRA PMC, 99% of coarse particles, PM10, PM2.5, PM1 and even ultrafine particles PM0.1 are removed from the air. Optionally, the air purifier can also be installed in the inlet of the ventilation system.

      Self-cleaning system

      The coarse dust (PM10) is very effectively collected in the inside of the air purifier on a metal filter medium. This medium is periodically cleaned by the air purifier. The coarse dust will then be collected in a special collecting bag at the bottom of the air purifier. The end user only needs to empty or replace the bag periodically.

      The fine particles and ultrafine particles (PM2.5, PM1, PM0.1) are partially collected together with the coarse dust, but the majority are captured in the ASPRA collectors on the outside of the air purifier. Combined with the ASPRA technology, the collectors are exceptionally efficient in removing particulate matter and ultrafine particles from the air (99%).

      Due to the combination of removing coarse dust as well as fine particles and ultrafine particles that exist in high concentrations in the air, a healthy working environment is achieved and the environment is highly protected against dust emission.

      Application of the ASPRA PMC

      The ASPRA PMC is suited for use in industrial and commercial environments. This can range from a cigar factory to steel processing, industrial welding, paper handling, parking garages, food industry, and much more. For all possibilities and to receive a personal advice, please contact VFA Solutions. View all product ASPRA PMC INduct product data on our website.

      Benefits of the ASPRA PMC

      • Developed for high dust concentration
      • High efficiency (99%)
      • High capacity (11.000 m3/h)
      • Very low pressure drop
      • Low power usage (100-700 W)
      • Low total costs of ownership (TCO)
      • Air purification by recirculation
      • Purification of inlet or outlet air
      • Tax benefit form MIA\VAMIL registration (when purifying air from exhaust)
      • Proven innovative and environmental friendly technology

      Download the list at the RVO website

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