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      Zomerrenovatie VFA SolutionsAre you looking for an upgrade for your ventilation system? Do you wish to increase the air quality and reduce the energy consumption? The ASPRA INduct air purifier can realise this for you. The summer is an excellent period for installing the ASPRA in your ventilation system. During the summer, you will have a lower occupancy rate, hereby reducing the number of employees who could be affected by possible renovation nuisance.

      Reduce energy costs

      The ASPRA INduct air purifier is an important part of a sustainable building. Just like LED lighting reduces costs, the ASPRA can realise cost savings and really focuses on an efficiency improvement of the air handling unit. This is ideal for current and future sustainable buildings. Additionally, due to the high efficiency EU11 filter classification, the air filtration system will remove particulate matter as well as ultrafine particulate matter. This is realised with an 80% lower pressure drop compared to a standard (H)EPA filter.

      Create clean air

      The ASPRA INduct air purifier is ideally implemented into your ventilation system as the main filtration system to replace conventional textile filters, yet it can also be applied as an add on to the existing filtration modules to increase quality and/or lifetime. The ASPRA removes air pollutants such as viruses, fungi, bacteria, soot and other traffic emissions, particulate matter PM10, PM2.5, PM1 and even ultrafine particles and nano-particles from the air with a cleaning efficiency of 99%. Research shows that air quality and especially particulate matter can have a major impact on health. The largest sources of particulate matter are traffic and industry, which are present in and around busy cities. Particulate matter causes complaints varying from allergies, lung disease, heart attacks, strokes, cancer and may even shorten your life. The impact of particulate matter depends of course per individual, but the fact remains that it is important to minimize exposure to these substances.

      Add an ASPRA INduct air purifier to your ventilation system or replace your ventilation system with one equipped with air purification and protect yourself, your employees and visitors against high particulate matter concentrations.

      No filter clogging or microbiological growth

      The ASPRA air purifier standard includes several collectors (particle filters), which do not become clogged during the lifespan of the filter, hereby guaranteeing a constant air flow.  Additionally, microbiological growth on the collectors is not possible, in contrast to standard paper and textile filters. You and those present in the building will therefore always breathe in clean and purified air.

      Installation in one day

      VFA Solutions offers a suitable ASPRA air purifier for every ventilation system and can handle capacities of dwelling size up to an entire building. Installing an ASPRA INduct air purifier can be realized within one day (on average).

      Are you unsure about the air quality of your building and surrounding or do you need assistance in choosing the correct air purifier for your situation? Please contact us to schedule air quality measurements or to receive personal advice.

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