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      PBLThe European Commission has submitted a proposal for a stricter air quality policy, resulting in benefits which are higher than the costs (welfare gains, yearly €410 million costs compared to benefits of €720 million). This is calculated by the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency.

      According to the PBL, mandatory reducing the exhaustion of air contaminating substances will result in (amongst other things):

      • A lifetime expansion of Dutch inhabitants with almost one month, mostly due to the reduction of particulate matter
      • A quality of life increase, especially for people suffering from breathing problems and asthma
      • An increase of the productivity at work
      • An increase of the richness of species in the Dutch nature
      • A reduction of the nitrogen levels
      • Higher benefits and lower costs

      The European Commission has submitted a proposition for the reduction of the amounts of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, ammonia, non-methane volatile organic compounds and particulate matter. This reduction is based on the levels of the previous mentioned substances in the year 2005. Each substance needs to be reduced by a certain percentage in the year 2030.

      The PBL believes the reduction of particulate matter needs to be increased from 38%, as mentioned by the European Commission, to 52%, to meet the difference in starting values assumed by both parties.

      VFA Solutions can realise the reduction of particulate matter and volatile organic compounds. By implementing VFA air purifiers, air contamination levels will be reduced with 95-99,99%.  This is possible for air purification in a single room, air purification in ventilation ducts and air purification by implementing a complete new ventilation system. Take a look at our products or contact us for more information and for support in creating clean and healthy air.

      Read the full report (PDF, 2MB) by PBL Netherlands Environmental Assesment Agency, in cooperation with RIVM and ECN.

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