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      To make sure your appliance continues to operate correctly, it is important to maintain your appliance regularly. It is important to change your collectors, filters and cartridges on time. When you do not replace them on time, the efficiency of your air purifier will decrease. Next to this, depending on your pollution rate, we advise to schedule a total check-up of the appliance every year to every two years (performed by VFA Solutions or a dealer).

      VFA Solutions offers various maintenance contracts, which address the following aspects:

      • Standard maintenance focussed on the technical principle of the machine
      • Check of the system as a whole
      • Accurate measurements of the effectiveness of the machine
      • Adjustments to the system as a result of changes made in the facility

      Depending on your  needs, it is possible to yearly inspect your appliance (including maintenance) up to every 3 months. Please contact us for more information about the different maintenance contracts of to request a quotation.