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VFA Solutions does not only offer air purifiers, but we also offer advice regarding the installation and the installation itself. VFA Solutions believes that for optimal performance of any technical systems, it is essential to consider suitable positioning and placement. This is especially true for air purifiers, as a wrong placement can lead to a decrease in the effectiveness of the machine. Therefore, we offer clients and partners support in choosing the optimal location for the system within the building / room.

Our advice is based on the measurements described under Air Quality Measurements. If no measurements are performed, we will focus on several aspects:

  • Identification of the indoor air quality problem, the cause and source
  • Use of the facility and building infrastructure

In reply to the outcome of the above mentioned aspects, VFA will provide advice on the installation or will perform the installation. The installation of the appliance(s) can be performed by members of the VFA team, VFA partners or by other parties which are involved by the client.

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VFA Soluitons Virus Free Air

Corona virus

Do you want to remove the Corona virus COVID-19 from the air? Our ASPRA air purifiers offer virus free air and are very suited to remove the Corona virus COVID-19 and to limit the spread.

Depending on your situation, we can offer various solutions.
Contact us for a personal product advice.

Click here to download the flyer on how to remove Corona from the air