Air quality measurements

Air quality measurements are important when you are not sure about the air quality in your room(s) or building(s), you want to track the air quality or you want to know how your air purification affects the air quality. VFA Solutions is an expert in air quality and can perform these measurements for you.


VFA Solutions regularly cooperates with external partners, customers and users. By really listening to the customer and to take the technical possibilities into account, VFA develops optimal solutions which satisfy the needs of the market and the customer. View all possibilities now!


The air purifiers of VFA Solutions are low maintenance. However, it is still important to periodically maintain your appliance, to make sure your appliance keeps producing clean and healthy air. VFA Solutions can, based on a maintenance contract, perform this for you.


Correctly installing your air purifier is as important as using an air purifier. If the air purifier is not correctly installed, the operation of the appliance can reduce over 50%. A correct placement is therefore essential. VFA Solutions can provide advice about the installation or perform this for you.

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