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      fijnstofResearch of the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and Utrecht University, based on data from 7 million Dutch adults, shows long-term particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide exposure are associated with mortality and respiratory diseases and lung cancer related mortality in the Netherlands: particulate matter shortens life. Results of this study have been published in the Environmental Health Perspectives Journal.

      The data used for this research was provided by the CBS (Centraal Bureau voor Statistiek). The CBR has registered the mortaility of 7 million Dutch adults during a period of 7 years. Data such as marital status, residential address, age and gender have been linked to the mortality and to particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide data.

      The results show particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide concentrations have a direct influence on the total mortality and respiratory diseases and lung cancer related mortality. Furthermore, results also show air contaminations not only form a risk for elderly people, but people under the age of 65 also have an increased risk of mortality caused by long-term exposure to particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide.

      This research emphasises the need for air purification: removing air contaminations such as particulate matter can prolong your life compared to not removing air contaminations. Air purification is not only important at home, but also at the workplace as you spend 8 to 9 hours of your day at work. VFA Solution air purifiers remove 95-99% of air contaminations from the air, thus providing you with clean and healthy air. VFA provides various air purifiers which make it possible to implement air purification as a stand-alone unit (take a look at our Recirculation air purifiers), implement air purification in your ventilation system (take a look at our INduct products) or implement a complete ventilation system which includes air purification (take a look at our Ventilation products). Start breathing in clean and healthy air today. Contact us for more information.

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