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      High dust concentrations in logistic centre

      In logistic facilities high concentration of dust may form a health, hygiene or operation risks and additional costs. The air quality issues may arise due to loading and unloading trucks, goods processing, crates/pallets sorting and cleaning, cardboard and plastic pressing, dumping residual products, and many more.


      Due to the nature of activities within the facility (20,000 m²) dust levels seemed to exceed the recommended healthy levels according to WHO en EU standards. Furthermore, in some sections unpleasant smells may exist due to residues of food and liquids.

      Kuehne + Nagel decided to act proactively and prevent the high dust concentration (PM10 & PM 2.5) in order to offer a healthy and pleasant working environment for their employees.

      Due to the size of the facility and potential sources of the problem, Kuehne + Nagel searched extensively for optimal and sustainable air purification solution to guarantee optimal air quality at the workplace and avoid major energy costs and complex installations.



      After careful review of many proposals and products offered to Kuehne + Nagel by several suppliers, the choice was clear. Kuehne + Nagel stakeholder unanimously chose the sustainable recirculation air purification solution ASPRA air purifiers of VFA Solutions to be the best and optimal solutions. Not only because of the high capacities and filtration efficiency, but also because of the level of expertise behind the ASPRA products, sustainability, the low operational costs, flexibility in application, low noise, scalability and more.

      The main target was to reduce dust concentrations in the whole facility to meet the PM10 EU standard. The required number of air cleaners was determined on the basis of the size of the facility, sources of the dust, starting concentration and maximal desired final concentration.  Based on all input, 9x ASPRA PMC air purifiers were installed. Each with a capacity of 10,000 m³/hour. The ASPRA PMC air purifiers were placed on the floor spread inside the facility to recirculate and clean the air in the hall. By distributing the air purifiers on the floor surface and placing them near the sources of pollution, the dust of all sizes and types, even the fine dust and Ultra-fine dust (PM10, PM2.5, PM1 and PM0.1), is effectively captured, while though an optimal air distribution and large coverage so that cleaned air is distributed everywhere.

      The ASPRA PMC air cleaner has a self-cleaning mechanism that removes the coarse dust particles from the air cleaner. This minimizes maintenance. Click here for more information about the ASPRA PMC.


      The ASPRA PMC was a great success. All dust levels were substantially reduced with only 9x ASPRA PMC units. A total reduction of at least 63% was achieved not only for the PM10 but also for the PM2.5 and PM1 and UFP’s.

      This means, that not only the air quality meets current WHO and EU standards, but it already meets future standards.

      In additional to measurable results, major positive feedback from employers and managers at the workplace were reported:

      • The employees experience a better working conditions, have less irritations in throat, eyes and nose.
      • The visibility in the facility is much better, no dust clouds hanging in the facility,
      • The facility is cleaner in general: less deposition of dust of machines and surfaces.