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      At Virus Free Air (VFA) Solutions, we take pride in our extensive portfolio of successful projects across diverse industries. Our innovative air purification and ventilation solutions have been implemented in numerous sectors, showcasing our ability to tailor our technologies to meet specific industry needs.

      Explore our reference projects to see how we have improved air quality and enhanced health and safety in various environments, from medical facilities and industrial settings to agriculture and education.

      Each project highlights our commitment to delivering clean, safe, and sustainable air solutions, making a significant impact on the well-being of people and the environment.

      Medical  |  Utilities & Commercial Buildings  |  Sport & Education  |  Industry  |  Logistics & Warehouses  |  Innovation Projects  |  Residential Homes  |  Agriculture & Holticulture



      ASPRA validation COVID department


      Pre-OR ISO7-ISO5



      Controle Aspergillus outbreaks

      Utilities & Commercial Buildings


      Mitsubishi elevator air purification


      Sport & Education


      TKI School ventilation


      i-VENTION Sport club air purification


      ASPRA air purification for safe cooling

      Clean and Safe Air in classrooms



      Powerplant emissions

      Logistics & Warehouses


      High dust concentration logistic centre


      Degassing loading dock


      Warehouse gases

      Innovation Projects


      CBRN protection


      Schools and daycare

      Residential Homes


      Wood smoke nuisance



      Agriculture & Horticulture

      Air purification in Chicken farm

      Eliane Khoury - VFA Solutions

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