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      Tackling wood smoke nuisance in a home

      Fire - wood smoke

      • Problem: Odour and particulate nuisance due to large numer of fire places in the area
      • SolutionASPRA S INduct
      • Result: Elimination of odour nuisance and extreme pariculate matter reduction in the home

      Problem description

      In several areas in the Netherlands residents are frequently using their fire places. However, people do not realize their fire place is a huge source of particulate matter. This particulate matter will not only end up in the own home, but also in that of their neighbours.

      This was the case for a family living in an area where people frequently use their fire place. A Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system was installed in their home, with 1 or even 2 standard filters. Even so, the air quality inside the house was not optimal. The house owners complained and suffered from a constant “burnt” smell inside the living area of his house. The smell was not only unpleasant but also the suspected reason for recent health symptoms experienced by the house owner’s children, which include rhinitis (runny nose) and increased susceptibility to general sickness.

      The solution

      VFA Solutions has implemented the ASPRA S INduct on the attic of the home behind the HVAC and in the ventilation duct. The outdoor air is drawn in at one central point, led through the HVAC and the ASPRA S INduct and then blown into the home. The ASPRA S INduct removes the particulate matter from the air and removing the patricles from the air also removed the wood smoke odours.

      The result

      • 95% lower particle concentration inside the house and not only behind the ASPRA filtration unit.
      • No more wood smoke nuisance
      • Improved well-being and better health through cleaner indoor air
      • Confirmed air cleaning performance due to expert measurement
      • Easy retrofit of existing ventilation systems

      Quotes from the residents:

      “Our neighbours still complain about the smoke smell generated by the heating chimnies in the neighbourhood. We do not notice anything anymore”

      “Our kids are much less sick. They have less runny noses and more active.”

      “It was amazing to see how fast particles are collected inside the ASPRA. This was a proof for us the the standard F filter (applied and supplied with the ventilation system) is not effective against fine particles or smoke as they claim to be.”

      The installation
      project s-induct VFA Solutions

      1. Air from outside
      2. Heat exchanger
      3. ASPRA S INduct, air towards the living area

      Report – Effects of the ASPRA S INduct on the indoor air quality in the home

      View the presentation on sildeshare