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      Combat asthma complaints and traffic emissions – Home

      Astma teddy bear

      • Problem: High particulate matter (PM) concentrations due to nearby highways
      • Solution: ASPRA S INduct
      • Result: Drastic reduction of the asthma complaints and particulate matter concentration in the home

      Problem description

      The asthma of the daughter of a family in the conurbation, aggravated by high particulate matter concentrations from nearby motorways and N-roads. Her complaints did not only occur outdoors, but also indoors. By applying an F5 filter in the existing HVAC (balance ventilation), the family tried to keep the particulate matter out. However, this did not yield sufficient reduction and result.

      The solution

      The ventilation system is located at the attic of the home. VFA Solutions installed the ASPRA S INduct directly behind the WTW system in the air supply duct. As a result, the outside air that is drawn in by the ventilation system will be purified before it is spread throughout the house. Thanks to the ASPRA S INduct, the particulate matter is captured and clean and healthy air is blown into the home.

      Thanks to the connections of the ASPRA S INduct, the family can take the air purifier with them if they ever decided to move. Making sure that they are provided with clean air everywhere.

      The result

      After implementing the ASPRA S INduct, the daughter is less affected by her asthma and the air feels fresher and more comfortable for all residents of the home. Moreover, the particulate matter concentrations within the home have decreased by 95-99%.