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      Aspergillus outbreak during renovation and construction

      Construction, demolition, renovation and repair in or nearby hospitals will result in large amounts of airborne particulate matter, biological contaminations and gases. Harmful viruses and bacteria will effortlessly connect to these air contaminations and are then easily inhaled by patients. This is specifically dangerous for weak patients with low immune system, which make them susceptible to infectious disease, wound infections and more.

      Regardless many precaution measures, such as prohibiting internal chutes, these sickening particles rapidly spread throughout the hospital thanks to the movements of visitors and employees, the air in the ventilation shafts and the air in the ventilation system.

      An Aspergillus outbreak is a common and very dangerous outbreak during construction and renovation projects. Research shows there is a direct link between air quality and Aspergillus. A poor indoor air quality and an Aspergillus outbreak is not only harmful for the patients, but also for the reputation of the hospital and the added costs due to closure or infection control.


      ASPRA L Mobile

      VFA Solutions has provided a mobile ASPRA recirculation air purifier to a Dutch hospital, resulting in the removal of particle matter, dust, ultrafine particles and microbiological contaminations (such as Aspergillus spores) from the air. The air purifier is being used at the construction and renovation locations, so patients can breathe in clean and healthy air.


      Aspergillus outbreak prevented

      The implementation of the ASPRA air purifier resulted in providing clean and healthy air for the patients during construction and renovation projects. Because of this, they can focus on recovery and the risk of an infection due to the construction proceedings is drastically reduced.