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      Harmful gases and particles in warehouse air

      ASRPA L-C

      • Problem: Harmful gases and particles in warehouse air
      • SolutionASPRA L-C
      • Result: Healthy working conditions


      Problem description

      One of our logistic customers has a warehouse where medical equipment is stored. This warehouse is 3.600 m² / 41.040 m³. The products that are stored in this warehouse, emit various gases during transport, storage and processing. These gases are released from the packages of the goods durin transportaion and storage, and hence can spread inside the warehouse creating unhealthy or even dangerous working environment. Research shows these gases can create cancer after inhalation. Therefore, there was a need for a safe work environment, dust purification and under pressure in the room so air contaminations from the warehouse would not distribute throughout the facility.


      The solution

      VFA Solutions have installed air purifiers in the warehouse, the loading docks and the ingoing and outgoing areas, VAL/VAS areas and storage facilities.

      VFA Solutions optimized the ASPRA L-C air purifiers to create a high filtration capacity for specific volitile gases that are widely used for the disinfection of medical goods, yet, they are known to be carcinoginic gases (cause cancer).

      Additionally, VFA implemented ventilation systems, making sure the warehouse is subject to under-pressure and the air from the warehouse is not distributed into the rest of the facility.


      The result

      The implementation of ASPRA air purification resulted in creating a safe and clean work environment. On-site measurements prove the fast and reliable removal of air pollutants such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Particulate Matter (PM). Safe indoor air standards and occupational exposure limits are easily met at any time. And since air pollutants are not discharged to the outside but safely captures by the VFA ASPRA systems, this concept is categorized as highly sustainable and hence makes sense for a healthy environment too.