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      Awarded Responsive Indoor Air Quality project by European Defence Agency

      The European Defence Agency (EDA) with “The Defense R&T Joint Investment Programme on CBRN Protection (JIP-CBRN)” awarded the Responsive Indoor Air Quality (RIAQ) program (2015 – 2018). Virus Free Air and VFA solutions are the lead contractors of the project. The project further involves several European companies and academic partners with synergistic technologies, know-how and high level research capabilities.

      RIAQ project is focused on the development of a responsive, smart and multi-functional filtration and ventilation system. The RIAQ project matches the JIP-CBRN program objectives since it aims for :

      • The Creation of a new CBRN collective protection system; optimization and evaluation of methods for collective protection (COLPRO) systems, including airlock and enhanced filtration technologies.
      • Enhancing safety in COLPRO’s by using comprehensive air purification systems, cleaning air of from CBRN-agents, TIMs (Toxic Industrial Materials) and occupational exposure to propellant/gun and engine exhaust fumes at the same time.
      • Reliable filtration technologies that do not clog and has longer life time
      • Contamination monitoring and control through proper and reliable sensing, alarming and automation techniques
      • Integration of threat analysis tool, which can predict the spread of any CBRN agents

      The RIAQ system contain state of the art technologies for air purification of particles, bio-particles and hazardous gaseous vapour for the purpose of collective protection in buildings.

      The filtration system is designed to fit in any ventilation system infrastructure and hence has low pressure drop and hence does not require any extensive adjustment in the ventilation systems of the building. The filtration mechanisms are based on:

      o   (Bio)Particle filtration: based mainly on the VFA particle filtration technologies: ionization, electrostatic precipitation, and open structure non-textile mechanical filtration techniques/media.

      o   Selective vapour filtration – special structure of adsorption beds enhanced with selective catalysis and nano-materials.

      The RIAQ systems are design for optimal operation on Day-to-Day basis while offering ultimate safety upon incident or event.

      A series of monitors and sensors for a continuous monitoring of indoor air (24/7) will also be integrated in the system. These sensors are developed for three targets:

      1. A continuous monitoring system 24/7 for detection of CBRN agents (for early warning and for switching the protective filtration system),
      2. A continuous monitoring 24/7 of the air quality (indoors and possibly outdoors).
      3. Monitoring and indication of the system performance and life time of filters and purification units (ELSI sensor).

      The RIAQ contract was awarded with the target to reach a TECHNOLOGY READINESS LEVEL, TRL = 4 – 5.  Due to the dedication of all partner, we are glad to announce that a TRL 6 is feasible without extra costs or time.

      The results of the project shall be presented in all the participating countries start from June 2018.

      Interested to know more or attend our demonstrations, do not hesitate to contact us on: info@VFA-solutions.com