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      Dust free work space – Electonical goods

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      • Problem: High particulate matter (PM) concentrations during repairs
      • Solution: ASPRA Aura
      • Result: Healthy work conditions and particulate matter reduction during and after repairs

      Problem description

      A repair man of electronic goods was subject to nuisance due to the high particulate matter concentrations at his workplace. The machines he repairs often emit large amounts of dust after opening them up. The particulate matter that is released during the repairs of the machinery can contain harmful particles (such as asbestos particles). In this case, the owner of the shop wanted to protect himself and his employees against these harmful particles and was looking for an air purifier for his workplace.


      The solution

      The customer has purchased the ASPRA Aura to solve these issues. The air purifier is installed at a fixed location so it can purify the entire room and no corner will stay un-purified.


      The result

      • Reduction of particulate matter concentrations
      • Less dust on electronics
      • Safe working conditions
      • Increase of work comfort