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      Removing gases and metal dust – Metallurgy

      Metaalindustrie luchtreiniging - VFA Solutions

      • Problem: Odour and metal dust nuisance at the workplace
      • SolutionASPRA L-C
      • Result: Healthier and more comfortabel workplace

      Problem description

      In workplaces in the metal industry large amounts of fine metal parts are airborne due to various activities such as welding, grinding and filing. These metal parts can cause many health issues after inhalation. Additionally, vapours emitted during welding can be experienced as a nuisance. A customer in the metal industry came to us with these problems.


      The solution

      In this situation, VFA Solutions implemented the ASPRA L-C Mobile. The ASPRA L-C Mobile does not only remove the fine metal particles from the air, it also removes gases and odours from the air. By selecting a mobile edition, it is possible to use the air purifier as a point exhaustion. The machine can also be moved around, making it possible to apply air purification where needed.


      The result

      • Reduction of metal and dust particles in the air
      • Reduction of gases and smells in the air
      • Comfortabel working conditions
      • Mobile air purification, usable where needed