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      BMC Moerdijk – Emission air purification

      BMC Moerdijk - VFA Solutions

      • Customer: BMC Moerdijk power plant
      • Problem: Emission of dust, odors and ammonia
      • Solution: local VFA air extraction and ASPRA EcoVent ventilation systems with integrated gas scrubber
      • Result: Top of the bill installation and avoiding emissions


      The BMC Moerdijk power plant processes 1/3rd of the total production of poultry manure in the Netherlands each year. With the manure combustion. BMC generates 285.00 MWh of electricity, which is equivalent to the power consumption of a city the size of Den Bosch. However, processing manure can release a lot of dust, odors and ammonia, which will influence the indoor and outdoor environment.

      BMC Moerdijk proactively acts on this and strives for the optimal installation to avoid the emission of dust, odors and ammonia to the outdoor environment and at the same time strives for an optimal indoor environment in the workspaces. BMC Moerdijk contacted VFA Solutions for the last new construction project, which consists of: a discharge hall, a manure storage hall and an ash storgage hall. Thanks to the implementation of optimum and local VFA air extraction and the ASPRA EcoVent ventilation systems with integrated gas scrubber, a top of the bill installation was realized and emission is avoided.

      Our solution

      VFA Solutions has installed the ASPRA EcoVent ventilation system at BMC Moerdijk. This system contains a unique air cleaning technique based on the ASPRA PMC air purifier. The system takes care of the ventilation and air cleaning of the emissions from the manure storage hall. The ventilation is set in such a way that the storage hall is at all times underpressure to prevent the spread of the fertilizer to the outside or the rest of the facility. Mechanical ventilation also helps to reduce the moisture concentration and increase visibility in the hall.

      VFA Solutions has divided the ventilation into two ventilation systems, each of which can be maintained alternately. As a result, ventilation is always present during maintenance. Each system has a maximum flow of 40,000 m³ / hour.

      Both ASPRA EcoVent systems remove dust, odors and ammonia from the air and consist of 3 filtration sections:

      • 1st Filtration section: Electrostatic filtration (ASPRA technology)
        Filtration of the large dust mass (coarse dust) and germs
      • 2nd Filtration section: Collectors / filters
        Filtration of residual dust masses and small dust particles
      • 3rd Filtration section: Gas filtration
        Specific odors gas filtration (effective with dust-free airflow)

      Looking for a solution?

      Are you looking for a solution for cleaning emissions (outgoing air) based on dust particles and / or gases and odors? Please contact us to discuss how we can support you in this. Thanks to the modularity of our systems, we can always offer a suitable solution.