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      Product selection

      In the first instance, the choice for an air purifier is depending on the source of the contamination: the outdoor air, the indoor air or a combination of the two.

      Polluted outdoor air
      Air contaminations from the outdoor air often originate from traffic emissions, industry emissions and microbiological contaminations (viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores and pollen). Think of locations where a lot of traffic and industry is present.
      Polluted indoor air
      Indoor air almost always contains contaminations from outdoor air and contaminations from indoor air. The indoor air contaminations are caused by (the emissions and infrastructure of) the building, the presence of people (for example breathing out CO2 and producing particulate matter) and activities in the building (such as welding, raw material processing, smoking and printing).

      Selecting a product

      Stand-alone productsInstallation in existing / new ventilation system 

      Complete new ventilation system

      Indoor air pollution

      Advised [infopopup tag=indoor-recirculation]

      Outdoor air pollution

      Suited [infopopup tag=outdoor-recirculation]

      Advised [infopopup tag=outdoor-induct]

      Advised [infopopup tag=outdoor-ventilation]

      Indoor and outdoor air pollution

      Suited [infopopup tag=indoor-outdoor-recirculation]

      Advised [infopopup tag=outdoor-indoor-ventilation]


      Step 1

      Select in the table below in the first column the location of your air contamination. Originates the air contamination from the indoor air, the outdoor air or from both? If you do not know where the air contamination originates from, VFA Solutions can perform air quality measurements to find the pollution source and identify your indoor air quality.

      Step 2

      Select in the same row an air cleaner category by looking at your current situation. Each row displays which product category is suited or advisable for the origin of the air contamination.

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        Step 3

        Visit the page of the air cleaner category you have selected and select a specific air cleaner.

        Step 4

        Select a product version: the standard version, the Smart version or the Pro version. Take a look at the Product version page to see what the difference is between all versions.