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      VFA TiOx-ACF

      Gas- and odour filters – optimized gas- and odour filtration

      Advantages VFA TiOx-ACF

      • Removes gases and odors from the air permanently
      • Combined Adsorption and Chemisorption through Carbon and Photo-catalytical (PCO)
      • Available in cylinders and inliners
      • Available for all possible capacities
      • Wide range of options for connection diameter, length and kg
      • Widely applicable

      Product description

      A special and new technique has been developed for filtration of specific gases and odors. We call this technique VFA TiOx-ACF. This technique is based on a unique combination of 3 proven and well-known techniques for air cleaning, namely: activated carbon, TiO2 and UV radiation to form Photocatalytical Oxidation (PCO).

      The new VFA TiOx-ACF Technique offers an improvement in activated carbon, for specific applications, by applying specially coated activated carbon. This active carbon is coated with a TiOx coating. The combination of this TiOx activated carbon with a UV light source creates, in addition to improved adsorption, new functionalities: chemisorption and a photocatalytic effect. These functionalities can improve the operation of the activated carbon against certain gases and also extend the service life of the activated carbon.

      The TiOx-ACF gas and odor filters consist of a bundle of coaxial filters with a diameter of 160 mm and are 45 or 60 cm long. For each filter, the maximum theoretical air flow rate is 150 m³ / hour. For the application for a high flow rate several TiOx-ACF cylinders / inliners have to be used.

      • VFA Activated carbon cylinders
        The cylinders are used for recirculation air purification (room cleaning), as well as emission and inlet air purification. The cylinder is connected at the inflow direction. The purified air flows out of the cylinder from the outside of the cylinder.
        – Can be ordered per piece
        – Wide choice for connection diameter
        – Wide choice for cylinder length
        – Wide choice for kg per cylinder
        – Including integrated UV- lamp


      • VFA Activated carbon inline
        The inline is used for air purification in the ventilation duct / emission air / inlet air. The inline is installed in the ventilation duct. The purified air exits the end of the inline, making it possible to connect the end to the ventilation duct or let it flow to a room.
        – Can be ordered per piece
        – Wide choice for connection diameter
        – Wide choice for cylinder length
        – Wide choice for the number of kg per cylinder
        – Including integrated UV- lamp




      There are several active carbons that each remove different gases and odors from the air. As a standard service, VFA therefore selects for you the active carbon that is suitable for the removal of the gases and odors present in your facility. This ensures that you choose the right active carbon.Contact us for more information.


      In addition to the regular VFA Activated Carbon Solutions, VFA Solutions offers custom VFA activated carbon cleaning. This allows you to apply activated carbon cleaning in your own product. Contact us for more information.

      VFA TiOx-ACF is effective for:

      • Gases / all VOC’s with a boiling point ≥ cyclohexane (such as fuels, dissolvent, toluene, xylene etc.)
      • Odours (such as odours originating from the kitchen, sweat, production processes etc.)
      • Selective gas and odour filtration (optional)