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      ASPRA Agro air purifier

      Particle filtration

      Benefits of the ASPRA Agro

      • Capacity of 11.000 m3/h
      • Extreme coarse dust reduction (80%)
      • Extreme fine dust and small particle reduction
      • Considerable endotoxins reduction
      • Effective for the removal and elimination of air borne microbes and virusses
      • Self cleaning system
      • Low total cost of ownership (TCO)
      • Low use of energy and low cost use
      • No replacable filters
      • Low maintenance
      • Horizontal or vertical installation
      • Applied as a standalone unit, integrated into the HVAC or as an end-of-pipe solution

      Product description

      The ASPRA Agro is specifically designed for the agricultural market. Kipster, the most animal and environmentally friendly chicken farm, already implemented the ASPRA Agro air purifier. The air purifier easily and effectively removes large dust concentrations from large amounts of air, making it possible to meet emission requirements.

      Coarse dust, particulate matter and endotoxins are permanently removed from the air. The filtration efficiency for PM10-PM2.5 is even 80%!

      The ASPRA Agro air purifier can be applied as a standalone unit, integrated into the HVAC or as an end-of-pipe solution. The ASPRA Agro is available in two versions, both with a capacity of 11.000 m3/h:

      • ASPRA Agro – V (vertical version)
      • ASPRA Agro – H (horizontal version)

      The available installation space influences the choice for a vertical or horizontal version.

      Because the air purifier is a self-cleaning system, the system is maintenance-friendly. The air purifier does not use filters or collectors, the dust is collected in the air purifier on a metal collection medium and is regularly cleaned by the air purifier itself. The collected dust is then collected in a collection bag and can easily be removed.

      VFA Solutions offers 3 product versions: the standard version, the Smart version and the Pro version. The data sheet indicates which versions are available. Click here to read what the differences between the product versions are.


      • Poultry
      • Pork
      • Cattle
      • Sheep and goats
      • Horses and ponies
      • Rodents
      • Agricultural spaces
      • And more

      The ASPRA Agro removes:

      • Course dust
      • Endotoxins
      • Particulate Matter (PM10-PM2.5)
      • Microbiological contamination (bacteria, fungi, spores & pollen)