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      VFA Active carbon filters

      Gas- and odour filters – gas- and odour filtration


      • Removes gases and odours permanently from the air
      • Extreme high efficient gas filtration combined with low pressure drop
      • Low air resistance (pressure drop)
      • Custom size possible
      • Variable capacity, shape and thickness
      • Widely applicable
      • Save and easy replacement can be done by everyone

      Product description

      VFA Active carbon filters (VFA ACF) can be applied in your VFA Solutions air purifier or can be ordered as a custom filter for other applications. These filters are made from pure active carbon, making them very effective for the removal of gases and odours.

      The VFA Active carbon filters are suited for standard gas and odour purification.

      Depending on the situation, it is best to select a filter or a cartridge. Contact us for support in selecting the suited solution.

      Gas specific and custom size

      It is possible to order filters that target the removal of a specific gas. Contact us for more information.

      Next to the standard VFA Active Carbon Filters, VFA Solutions also offers custom VFA Active Carbon purification. This makes it possible to apply VFA Active Carbon purification in your own products. Depending on your needs and product specifications, VFA Solutions can offer you a custom solution, making it possible for your product to remove gases and odours from the air. VFA Active Carbon Filters can also be ordered in different sizes.

      • Per square meter
      • Minimal thickness of 10 mm
      • Dimensions 1900 x 850 mm
      • Minimal order amount 250 pieces


      • Factories
      • Distribution centers
      • Docks
      • Containers
      • Greenhouses
      • Hospitals
      • Hospitality
      • Public facilities
      • And more

      The VFA Active carbon filters are effective for:

      • Gases / all VOC’s with a boiling point ≥ cyclohexane (such as fuels, dissolvent, toluene, xylene etc.)
      • Odours (such as odours originating from the kitchen, sweat, production processes etc.)