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      Sensors for determining indoor air quality


      • Identify indoor air quality issues
      • Monitor air quality and take action when necessary
      • Depending on the sensor, directly view measured concentration
      • Possible to order seperate sensors or a sensor kit

      Product description

      VFA Solutions offers sensors that measure the indoor air quality. These sensors can be ordered separately and as a kit.

      When ordering indoor environment sensors, a gateway will be provided making it possible to access your data worldwide 24/7.

      VFA Solutions offers the following air quality / indoor environment sensors:

      • Indoor environment sensors (kit or seperately)
        Mesure the quality of the indoor environment based on:

        • Temperature
        • CO2 concentration
        • Relative humidity
        • Sound
        • Light intensity
      • Particulate matter sensors
        • Measure the amount of small particles (>0,5 micrometer, such as particulate matter, bacteria, fungi, traffic emissions etc.)
        • Measure the amout of large particles (>2.5 micrometer, such as course particles, pollen, large bacteria, spores, etc.)
      • Air flow sensors
        Measure the air flow (air transportation) in the room
      • Extra sensors
        It is possible to order extra sensors to measure additional parameters. It is for example possible to order a particle counter.
      • Extra routers
        When the sensors are placed too far from each other, it is possible to place an additional router between the sensors to enhance the signal.

      The sensors are implemented to measure the air quality. Sensors can be used without any ASPRA air purifiers, but can also be used  before and after installation of the VFA air purifiers. By measuring the air quality before and after the installation of the air purifiers, the (improvement of the) air quality can be monitored.


      You can access your data online worldwide, at any moment.


      Measurements can take place every second or every minute. The data will be stored every 10 minutes on the database, optional every minute.

      Log-in Accounts

      Per location, a log-in account is created for the location manager (admin). The location manager is able to create extra log-in accounts.


      • Industry
      • Medical sector
      • Utility
      • Homes
      • Logistics
      • Agricultrual sector
      • And more