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PureBue Collectors and Active Carbon Filters

Particle fillters gas and odour filters for Itho Daalderop PureBlue air purifiers

Collectors and Active Carbon Filters for:

  • PureBlue Standalone 250S (PB250S)
  • PureBlue Standalone 400 (PB400S)
  • PureBlue Induct 600 (PB600i)
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PureBlue Standalone 250S

1 Collector PureBlue 250s2 Collectors PureBlue 250s12 Collectors PureBlue 250s1 Active Carbon Filter PureBlue 250s2 Active Carbon Filters PureBlue 250s12 Active Carbon Filters PureBlue 250s

PureBlue Standalone 400

1 Collector PureBlue 4002 Collectors PureBlue 40012 Collectors PureBlue 4001 Active Carbon Filter PureBlue 4002 Active Carbon Filters PureBlue 40012 Active Carbon Filters PureBlue 400

PureBlue Induct 600i

2 Collectors PureBlue 600i8 Collectors PureBlue 600i1 Active Carbon Filter PureBlue 600i4 Active Carbon Filters PureBlue 600i

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Product description

VFA Solutions provides collectors (particle filters) and active carbon filters (gas and odour filters) for the PureBlue air purifiers of Itho Daalderop. 

The collectors efficiently and quickly remove coarse particles, particulate matter (PM10, PM2.5, PM1), ultrafine and even nanoparticles permanently from the air. Viruses, bacteria, pollen, fungi, allergens, traffic emissions, wood smoke and more are very efficiently collected in the collectors (particle filters), providing clean and healthy air.

Active carbon filters effectively remove gases and odours from the air.

Number of filters in a PureBlue air purifier:

  • PureBlue Standalone 250
    • 2 Collectors
    • Option: replace 1 collector with an active carbon filter
  • PureBlue Standalone 400
    • 2 Collectors
    • Option: replace 1 collector with an active carbon filter
  • PureBlue Induct 600
    • 2 Collectors
    • Option: add 1 active carbon filter

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VFA Soluitons Virus Free Air

Corona virus

Do you want to remove the Corona virus COVID-19 from the air? Our ASPRA air purifiers offer virus free air and are very suited to remove the Corona virus COVID-19 and to limit the spread.

Depending on your situation, we can offer various solutions.
Contact us for a personal product advice.

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