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      Collectoren VFA Solutions

      Collectors and filters

      Take a look at the specifications of our ASPRA Collectors and Filters. The Collectors/Filters remove all particles from the air.

      Buiswerk en montage VFA Solutions

      Tubing and mounting parts

      The products of VFA Solutions can easily be connected to existing ventilation ducts. We provide all necessary parts for the installation and mounting of the air purifiers.

      VFA Actief koolstof

      Active Carbon Filters

      Take a look at the specifications of our VFA Active Carbon Filters. The Active Carbon Filters remove all gases and odours from the air.

      Sensoren VFA Solutions


      VFA Solutions offers various sensors to measure the indoor air quality. The sensors can be purchased separately or as a package.

      Collecting Units VFA Solutions

      Collecting units

      Order extra Collecting Units to expand the capacity of your air purifier or to reduce the sound production.