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      fijnstofrisico-voorkomenThe Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports has published a report that discusses the upcoming changes in Dutch healthcare. The report mentions the shift in focus “From healing to limiting risks”. Through current knowledge, it is possible to reduce the risks of many diseases. Focus points are for example the prevention of heart and vascular diseases and health risks caused by particulate matter. As a result, particulate matter standards are becoming more strict each year.

      Not just the government is able to reduce the health risks caused by particulate matter, you are also able to take action through implementing air purifiers in your facility. By purifying indoor air and/or outdoor air that is transported indoors, you significantly reduce the amount of particulate matter you and your employees are exposed to and hereby reduce the health risks particulate matter can cause. VFA Solutions air purifiers reduce the air pollution concentration with more than 99%, providing you with clean and healthy indoor air. Take a look at our products for more information or contact us for a personal advise.

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