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      Fire - wood smoke

      Now that it is getting colder, wood smoke pollution increases. Wood smoke from open fireplaces and open fires contains high particulate matter concentrations and strong odors. This results in high odor nuisance and health problems for local residents. Regulations regarding wood smoke originating from fireplaces and open fires are lacking. Local residents are left with the problems. VFA Solutions is aware of this problem and implements the ASPRA S INduct air purifier to prevent wood smoke nuisance.

      VFA Solutions is an expert in providing clean and healthy air. The removal of wood smoke from the air is a situation in which we are experienced in. Due to our experience, in 2016, VFA was asked by the RIVM to present our solution for wood smoke nuisance during the Wood smoke Symposium (15.55 Vincent Vons, VFA Electrostatic filtering). In addition, our research into the effectiveness of the ASPRA S INduct air purifier in the prevention of wood smoke in a home, was published by the magazine TVVL. On our website you can view the full report of this research.

      By installing the ASPRA S INduct air purifier after your ventilation system, in the channel that supplies air to your home, the incoming air is stripped of wood smoke and other contaminants. In the research published in the magazine TVVL, a reduction of 95% of the particles in the supply air to the house was measured. Nowadays, this has increased to 99%. The research showed that by removing the particles from the air entering the house, wood smoke nuisance is prevented. Odors and gases attach themselves to the particles in the air and by removing the particles from the air, the wood smoke nuisance is prevented. In situations where the wood smoke nuisance is extreme, we recommend adding a special gas and odor filter. VFA Solutions offers the VFA Activated Carbon Filter for this. This filter removes the remaining gases and odors from the air.

      Are you experiencing wood smoke nuisance? Take a look at the product page of the ASPRA S INduct air purifier for more information about the air purifier and to request a quotation.

      If your home is not equipped with a mechanical ventilation system (WTW), we recommend the use of the ASPRA Aura air purifier. This plug-and-play air purifier purifies the indoor air of a complete room. Please contact us if you are not sure which air purifier to implement in your home.


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