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      On February 13, 2019 the PEV (Practice Centre Emission Reduction Livestock Farming), Agrivaknet and Agrio organize the Particulate matter Event at Aeres MBO in Barneveld. Commissioned by PEV and prior to the event, ten particulate matter reducing techniques were tested in poultry stables. The test results are presented during the Particulate matter Event.  One of the tested systems was developed by VFA Solutions, in collaboration with SmitsAgro, and is called the ASPRA Agro. It is a revolutionary air purifier that removes particulate matter from the air at chicken and employee level. Not only does the ASPRA Agro remove huge amounts of particulate matter from the air, the air cleaner provides the modern stable with the feeling of the past: the end of the stable is visible, one can breathe normally in the stable and it smells just like the old days. The ASPRA Agro has been tested in the Kipster barn in Oirlo and the first test results will be announced during the event.

      During the Particulate matter Event, in the spirit of “Particulate matter news should be emitted”, answers are provided on questions such as:

      • What are the preliminary results of the practical research?
      • How do poultry farmers experience the tested systems?

      But also:

      • What are the effects of particulate matter on human health?
      • Why is this research being conducted?
      • How did the research work?

      Speakers (amongst others):

      • Jan Workamp (PEV)
      • Hilko Ellen (WUR)
      • Dick Heederik (IRAS)
      • Rik van de Weerdt (GGD)
      • Ruud Zanders (Poultry farmer Kipster, where the ASPRA Agro is being used)


      Event information

      • Language:           Dutch
      • Location:              Aeres MBO Barneveld, Barnseweg 3, 3771 RN Barneveld
      • Time:
        • Students: 10.00-13.00
        • Representatives business, governments and institutions: 13.30-16.00
        • Poultry farmers: 19.00-22.30
      • Registration:       Free registration via this link
      • More info:           Fine dust Event 13 Feb 2019



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