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      Pre-OR – from ISO 7 to ISO 5

      Particulate Matter (PM) and Colony Forming Units (CFU)

      Various Dutch hospitals had air quality issues with particulate matter and colony forming microbes in several pre-OR. Because of this, the air in the room was not optimal, creating the need for efficient air purification. Additionally, there was a need for a higher ISO classification.

      This issue was relevant in various Pre-Operation Rooms, such as:

      • Optometry
      • Orthopedics
      • Cardiac catheterization


      ASPRA Ceiling air purification

      VFA Solutions has implemented, together with our partner Modderkolk Projects & Maintenance BV, the ASPRA Recirculation Ceiling air purifiers in various preparation rooms in the above mentioned departments.

      Despite the present HEPA filters in the air inlets, the ASPRA celing was installed as a room air cleaner and hence operated as high effiency air purification for air recirculation inside the room. The results exceeded expectation of hospital staff. A fast reduction of potential pollutants inside the room and the Colony Forming Units (CFU’s) of microbes due to the ASPRA was evident.


      From ISO class 7 to ISO class 5

      After implementing the ASPRA Ceiling air purifiers, the hospital reached an ISO 5 classification, instead of the former ISO 7 classification. The air purifiers remove the particulate matter and the microbes from the air, providing clean and healthy breathable air.