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      huidproblemenAccording to scientist Frauke Neuser, air pollution has shown to be a bigger problem for your skin than everyone expects. She mentions “Particulate matter alone contains about 224 different chemicals.”, some even penetrate your skin, and your skin is exposed to these chemicals every time you go outside.

      She continues: “Research of the World Health Organisation shows 88% of the people live in polluted cities. In Europe, 83% of the people live in polluted cities and air pollution has cost 2,7 million lives in 2012.”.

      Clean and healthy air is beneficiary to your skin and overall health. Protecting yourself from polluted air when you are outside is difficult, but you can protect yourself indoors by using air purifiers that purify indoor air and/or outdoor air that is transported indoors. Take a look at our products for more information or contact us for a personal solution.


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