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      The ASPRA PMC air purifier of VFA Solutions is listed at the SME Innovation Top100 as 85th best innovation of 2017. The air purifier connects with the increasing awareness of health risks stemming from unhealthy and polluted air. In July this year, the Long Alliance Netherlands (LAN) reported that in the Netherlands, 80% of people who die from occupational disease, die from working with dust. That amounts to about 3300 people a year. By using the ASPRA PMC air cleaner, exposure to dust particles will be reduced.

      The ASPRA PMC is developed for the industrial and commercial market. This powerful and unique air cleaner easily and efficiently removes extreme dust concentrations from large amounts of air (up to 10.000 m3/h).

      The ASPRA PMC efficiently removes coarse dust, particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5, PM1) and ultra-fine dust from the air. Large particles are captured on self-cleaning metal filters and small particles are collected in collectors (particulate filters). Resulting in a healthy and comfortable working environment and lower cleaning costs.

      The ASPRA PMC air purifier has attracted the attention of the Netherlands National Agency for Enterprising Netherlands (RVO). As of January 1, 2017, the ASPRA PMC air purifier is on the MIA\VAMIL / Environmental list 2017, H4 , code A4480. This list shows technologies that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. The government wishes to encourage the use of these techniques and provides the end user with a high tax advantage.


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