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      pm deaths

      American scientists have calculated airborne particulate matter causes annually 3.2 million deaths worldwide. This is more than the annual deaths caused by malaria and HIV together. The researchers mention 2.1 million deaths can be prevented by complying to the World Health Organization (WHO) particulate matter standards.

      If the particulate matter concentration remains the same, this does not result in a stable particulate matter related death rate, but will increase over time. On average, the population is getting older and it is especially the elderly (and young children) who are at risk of high particulate matter concentrations. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the particulate matter concentration in the air.

      Amazingly enough, reducing the air pollution by 25% in relatively clean regions (such as North America and Europe), will be most effective. Reducing the air pollution by a quarter in these regions, will reduce the particulate matter related deaths by 50%. In the most polluted regions (India and China), a reduction of 70% of the air pollution is necessary to achieve the same result. Nevertheless, reducing the air pollution in clean or high polluted regions is worth the investment.

      The government will have to choose to follow the WHO standards. In the meantime, you can choose to reduce the indoor particulate matter concentration by 25% or more, hereby reducing the chance of particulate matter related death by 50%, by using VFA Solutions air purifiers. The air purifiers of VFA Solutions remove 95-99% of the air contaminations from the air that goes through the air purifier. Breathe in clean and healthy air and take a look at our air purifiers or contact us for more information.

      Source: NOS.nl
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