VFA Active Carbon air purification

Gas and odour filtration

Active Carbon benefits

  • High efficient gas filtration combined with low pressure drop
    This creates a low energy consumption and therefore cost reduction
  • Gases and odours are permanently removed from the air 
    Even at high humidity levels
  • Selective gas and odour filtration
    To remove specific gases and odours
  • Variable capacity, shape and thickness
    Adaptable to your needs
  • Widely applicable
    Warehouses, offices, hospitals, clean-rooms, airplane cabins, cars, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, litter boxes, etc.

What does the VFA Active Carbon technology purify?

VFA Active Carbon air purification aims on removing gases and smells from the air. Industrial processes are the main causes of (sometimes toxic) gases and smells in the air. These gases and smells are not only emitted during production processes, even processed product are able to emit certain gases and smells during usage or storage. Because of this, gases and smells are also present in offices, houses, hospitals, schools, shopping malls and warehouses. To ensure the health and safety of man and environment and to comply to labor requirements, these gases and smells need to be removed from the air. Standard VFA Active Carbon is effective for:

  • All volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) with a boiling point ≥ cyclohexane
    Examples: fuels, solvents, toluene, xylene etc.
  • Odours
    Examples: smells from the kitchen, body odour (e.g. sweat), production processes etc.
  • Selective gas and odour purification
    To purify specific gases and odours.

Next to this, it is possible to order various other Active Carbon Filters / Cartridges which focus on purifying a specific gas. When you are subject to a gas problem, we advise you to contact us in order to select the correct Active Carbon for your problem.



VFA Active Carbon editions


  • Factories
  • Welding sites
  • Distribution centers
  • Steel processing
  • Paint facilities
  • Agricultural spaces
  • Public facilities
  • And more

How does the Active Carbon technique work?

Polluted air is guided through the air purifier with the help of a build in ventilator or existing air flow (in a ventilation duct). The polluted air will be transported through the Active Carbon Filter / Cartridge, where the gases and smells will be absorbed by the filters / cartridges.

Active Carbon air purification

The efficiency of the Active Carbon depends on the specific gas, the concentration, the amount of dust present and the speed of the air flow and is thereby situation dependent.