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      Overview of our technology

      There are many different air cleaning techniques. VFA has chosen to use current known air cleaning techniques in an innovative way in combination with own patented air cleaning techniques which actually effectively purify the air and do not produce additional health risks.

      VFA therefore offers two different air cleaning techniques: ASPRA® air purification and Active Carbon purification. These techniques are briefly described below and then explained in more detail on each individual page.

      Of course we will constantly innovate and researching new air cleaning techniques, contact us for more information about this.


      ASPRA Luchtreiniging

      ASPRA® air purification

      The ASPRA® technology includes air purification based on the VFA patented air purification technology. The technology will remove large to nano particles from the air.

      VFA Actief Koolstof luchtreiniging

      Active Carbon air purificiation

      Active Carbon is air purification based on existing air purification technology, applied in an innovative way. The technology removes gases and odours from the air.

      ASPRA Luchtreiniging

      VFA TiOx-ACF air purification

      A special and new technique has been developed for filtration of specific gases and odors. We call this technique VFA TiOx-ACF. This technique is based on a unique combination of 3 proven and well-known techniques for air cleaning, namely: activated carbon, TiO2 and UV radiation.