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      VFA founder Eliane Khoury will present VFA’s view on innovation, bio base and the possibilities of clean air in greenhouses at the “versborrel” on November 12th at Koppert Cress B.V. This event is organized by VNO-NCW Westland-Delfland and VFA will be one of three inspiring speakers. All lectures will be in Dutch.


      – November 12th , 16.00 – 20.00
      – Koppert Cress B.V., De Poel 1, 2681 MB Monster

      InnovationQuarter is a regional developing company based in South-Holland. It finances innovative and fast growing companies, aids foreign companies establishing in South-Holland and organizes cooperation between innovative entrepreneurs, knowledge institutes and government. Managing director Rinke Zonneveld will be speaking.

      Bio Base Westland
      “New Business with plant substances” is the title of the presentation of Jan Smits of Bio Base Westland. Bio Base Westland is an entrepreneur driven network organisation, which strives to exploit the chances high valued plant substances bring. Manufacturers in smell, colour and flavouring, foods, crop protection and the pharmaceutical industry have shown their interest.

      Virus Free Air
      High air quality is important in the prevention of diseases, providing better products, meet legal obligations and to distinguish yourself as a company. Virus Free Air is a young company, which has the expertise to improve air quality and reduce energy costs at the same time. Whether it involves hospitals, research facilities, greenhouses or conditioned transportation: Virus Free Air always provides the best solution to your air quality problem. Founder Eliane Khoury will give a short presentation.

      16.00 Reception
      16.30 Welcome by Rob Baan, DGA Koppert Cress
      16.40 Opening by Pieter Eenhoorn, president VNO-NCW Westland-Delftland
      16.45 InnvationQuarter by Rinke Zonneveld, managing director
      17.15 Bio Base Westland by program manager Jan Smits
      17.30 “Kansen van schone lucht” by Eliane Khoury, founder Virus Free Air
      17.45 Closing by Pieter Eenhoorn, president
      17.50 Drinks, appetizers and innovative entrepreneurs
      20.00 End of the event

      Register for this event by sending an email to westland-delfland@vno-ncwwest.nl.

      Click here to visit the website of VNO-NCW Westland – Delftland.

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