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      • Problem:  Reduce the container degas time
      • Solution: ASPRA L-C Mobile and vFAN
      • Result:  High cost reduction through container degas time reduction


      Problem description

      One of our customers in the logistic industry was looking for a solution to reduce the degas time of their containers.  The containers needed to be degassed, as there were various gases that needed to be eliminated before storing the shipment in the warehouse. Currently, the containers were left open to be degassed. However, this was very time consuming and the shipment was sometimes affected by moist etc. When opening the container was not effective enough, an external company must be hired for the degassing. This was all very costly.


      The solution

      VFA Solutions has provided the customer with our ASPRA L-C Mobile combined with a small customization. This makes it possible to degas the container in just a few hours and at the location of the customer.


      The results

      • Degas time of just a few hours instead of 1-1.5 weeks
      • Costreduction due to on-site degassing
      • Faster transport
      • Removing harmful gases
      • Removing unwanted smells