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      KipsterOn September 15th 2017, Kipster is being oficially opened and announced as the most animal and environmentally friendly chicken farm in the world. You too can be present to witness this spectacular innovation launch. In the chicken farm, a natural wood-like area is created for the chicken and the chicken can walk both inside as in the connected park outside. The chicken farm is equipped with 8 x ASPRA Agro air purifiers. These VFA air purifiers purify the air in the farm, improving the indoor air quality significantly for farmer and chicken. Coarse dust, particulate matter, endotoxins and potentially airborne microbes are removed from the air with a high efficiency, resulting in cleaner and healthier air for man, animal and environment.

      Kipster has a visitor area with room for education and information. In this context, it is possible to be present at the opening of Kipster or on the opening days.

      • Grand opening: September 15th from 13.30-15.30
      • Open days: September 15th from 13.30-15.30 and September 16th from 10.00-17.00
      • Location: Kipster, Wusterweg 3, 5811 AD Castenray, The Netherlands
      • More information: www.kipster.nl/

      Watch the Kipster broadcast as broadcasted by RTL7 below (from 20 sec).

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