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      ASPRA Agro

      The innovative ASPRA Agro air purifier has been introduced during a gathering at the Dutch Poultry museum on November 11th as a solution for particulate matter emissions in the poultry industry in the province of Gelderland.

      Like many other agricultural regions, the Gelderland region is affected by high background concentrations of particulate matter and odours due to the poultry industry. This affects the quality of the environment and hinders desired developments. A further increase in background levels is therefore not desirable. The region does not want to limit future developments. In order to improve the air quality, the region wants to focus on emission reduction of the poultry industry.

      This brings a need for durable, comprehensive, feasible and affordable solutions. With this in mind, the ASPRA Agro is introduced during the meeting. Have a look at our publication on test results in a poultry farm or read the product data on our website.

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