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      ASPRA PMCVFA Solutions proudly presents the ASPRA PMC (Particle Mass Collector) recirculation air purifier. The ASPRA PMC is very suitable for industrial and commercial applications for the removal of extreme high dust concentrations in large spaces. The ASPRA PMC not only removes very large amounts of dust and particles from the air, but it does so with an efficiency of 99%, even for PM1 and ultra-fine particles!

      The ASPRA PMC effectively removes particulate matter (PM) including course dust and ultrafine particles from the air. Resulting in increasing health and comfort working conditions and reducing cleaning costs / efforts.

      The air purifier is equipped with a self-cleaning system, where course dust (PM10 and larger) is captured in a collecting medium at the inner part of the system. The finer particles as PM2.5, PM1 and Ultrafine (nano) particles are then captured on the special open structure collectors (particle filter). Due to this two phase filtration, the ASPRA PMC requires low maintenance.

      The air purifier is equipped with a fan, which creates its own air flow, making stand-alone usage in the facility possible. Adjustments in infrastructure or the ventilation system are therefore not necessary. Additionally, it is possible to add the air purifier to your existing ventilation system as an end pipe air filtration system, to avoid/reduce emission of pollutants to the outdoors or another section of the facility. The latter will be introduced in January 2017.

      Operation of the air purifier

      The course dust will be captured inside the air purifier on a special metal filter medium, this will periodically be self-cleaned by the air purifier and collected in a bag underneath the air purifier. The user only will need to replace/empty the collecting bag periodically.

      The finer particulate matter (PM2.5) and ultrafine particles will be effectively captured at the second filtration stage, in the standard ASPRA collectors (particle filters). These collectors, will need to be replaced upon necessity, if saturated.

      Due to the exceptional filtration technique and efficiency (99%) and outstanding performance of the ASPRA PMC, a healthy work environment will be created and protection of the indoor and outdoor environment can be achieved.

      Application of the ASPRA PMC

      The ASPRA PMC is suitable for application in industrial and commercial environments. This can vary from a cigar factory to steel construction, industrial welding, paper handling, public spaces and much more. Contact us for all the possibilities and to receive a personal advise.

      Advantages of the ASPRA PMC

      • Suited for extreme dust concentrations
      • High efficiency (99%, even for PM1 and Ultra-fine particles)
      • High capacity (10.000 m3/h)
      • Low energy consumption (100 – 700 Watt)
      • Recirculation air purification in a room
      • End of pipe filtration system (optional)
      • Proven innovative and environmental technique


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