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ASPRA L3000 INduct VFA Solutions air purifier

VFA is proud to introduce the ASPRA L-C INduct air purifier: a powerful, efficient and industrial air purifier for capacities of 3000 or 5000 m³/hour. This air purifier is very suitable for reducing high dust concentrations and gas and odor removal.

The first ASPRA L-C INduct has already been installed at a customer. At this customer, the air purifier removes large quantities of dust particles and gases and odors that are released during the production of conveyor belts. The air purifier is placed in the extraction air of the production and cleans the air that is extracted.

Because this customer uses the ASPRA L-C INduct, the filter class is increased and the number of filter changes is drastically reduced. The result is better air purification, lower operating costs and less downtime.

Are you curious how the ASPRA L-C INduct can solve your air quality problem? Contact us for personal product advice.


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VFA Soluitons Virus Free Air

Corona virus

Do you want to remove the Corona virus COVID-19 from the air? Our ASPRA air purifiers offer virus free air and are very suited to remove the Corona virus COVID-19 and to limit the spread.

Depending on your situation, we can offer various solutions.
Contact us for a personal product advice.

Click here to download the flyer on how to remove Corona from the air