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      VFA Solutions is developing an innovative air purifier together with the University of Antwerp within the European Pure Air Project. This air purifier was successfully installed at the beginning of July in the Belgian day care centre ‘t Wonderkind and is now being t


      The European Pure Air Project1 focuses on limiting the impact of harmful substances on indoor air quality. This is achieved through a collaboration between VFA Solutions, University of Antwerp, GGD The Hague, The Flemish Environment agency (VMM) and The City of A

      ntwerp. Children are very sensitive to air quality. The target group of this project therefore concerns day care centres and schools.

      Within the project, VFA Solutions and the University of Antwerp are working together to develop an innovative air purifier. The air purifier contains ASPRA Technology developed by VFA Solutions and a (with UV lamps exposed) photocatalytic coating from the University of Antwerp. The air quality and therefore the effect of the air purification is measured after installation on behalf of VMM.

      By applying the developed air purifying techniques in an innovative way, particles (including fine dust, black carbon, pollen and viruses) and gases and odors (including volatile organic compounds) are removed from the air. The air purifier is already installed in day care centre ‘t Wonderkind , where the indoor air and the air that comes in from outdoors is purified.

      Official measurements will take place at the end of this year, after which the results will be used to optimize the developed technology. In a second phase at the beginning of 2020, a redesign of the air cleaner will be installed and validated in a school in The Hague in the Netherlands.

      1) The project is funded by Interreg Flanders-the Netherlands, European fund for regional development.




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