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      The European Agricultural fund for Rural Development 2007-2013, part of Collaboration at Innovationprojects 2012 (New Challenges) has made an important financial contribution for the creation of this innovation project. The goal of the project was to solve the issues concerning particulate matter and diseases (bacteria, viruses) in the agricultural sector. Often, these issues cause major economic damages, but there are also negative effects for the environment and public health. Specifically the poultry sector is affected by these issues. This sector uses large amounts of antibiotics to solve these issues, which leads to resistance phenomena which also affect those who consume the poultry.During and after the completion of this project, VFA has collaborated with Smits Techniek and developed two air filtration systems with different capacities, which create a particulate matter free, bacteria and virus free, but also a low ammonia emission poultry sector. The systems have been named the ASPRA Agro and the Corona Air and can be implemented both independent or combined.The air purifiers are developed to handle capacities of 4.000m3/h up to 12.000 m3/h per system. The involved companies mention multiple systems need to be installed per stable to reach the necessary capacity.

      The added value of these innovative air cleaners developed during this project are:

      • The reduction of diseases by capturing airborne micro-organisms like viruses, bacteria and fungi. This leads to a reduction in animal death. On the long term, VFA hopes this will lead to a reduction of the use of antibiotics in the nutrition of the poultry, resulting in healthier meat for humans.
      • Reducing the particulate matter emissions to the outdoor environment. This will not only protect the environment, but also the neighbours of the stable. Resulting in complying to EU environmental legislation concerning particulate matter emissions and to the Dutch legislations concerning the emissions of several particulates towards the neighbours.
      • Reducing particulate matter concentrations in the stable. This creates a healthier and more comfortable work and living conditions for the farmer and the animals. Additionally, the disease spread risk among animals will be reduced (particulate matter is an important carrier for viruses).
      Download the factsheet of the ASPRA Agro here (Dutch, PDF, 500 kB)
      Download the factsheet of the Corona Air here (Dutch, PDF, 275 kB)If you want more information about the air filtration systems or the project, please contact us.