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      VFA Solutions is an expert in air quality. However, air quality is difficult to grasp and more aspects are of influence than one thinks in advance. Especially the concept particulate matter is an aspect that is reoccurring in the media, but remains elusive to many. To make the concept of particulate matter more tangible and to display all relevant information in one location, VFA Solutions has developed the Dutch site Fijnstof.info.

      At Fijnstof.info, you will find all relevant information on particulate matter. Information on the definition of particulate matter, the origin, that it is even present in wood smoke, how it can influence your health as well as how you can remove it from the air. VFA Solutions hopes by sharing this information, knowledge on particulate matter and on why it is so important to reduce the exposure to particulate matter is spread.

      Do you want to know more about particulate matter? Please visit our Dutch site Fijnstof.info. If you are missing information on this site, or if the information is not clear, please let us know.

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